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   Terms & Conditions

• The Early Bird registration rate is $900/person if you register and pay two months ahead of the workshop.


• Payment must be made in full at least two weeks before the workshops start.


• QRTA will confirm enrolment after payment is received on behalf of the participant.


• The Workshop may be cancelled if there are insufficient participants, in this case you will be advised two weeks before the scheduled

   start date for the Workshop and you would then receive a full refund of the workshop fees.


• The participation fee for the workshop is non-refundable. If a registered participant withdraws from the workshop for unforeseen

   circumstances, the workshop fees will be retained by QRTA, however, the participant may nominate an alternative candidate or the

   registration will be deferred to another workshop offered by QRTA in the future.


• Participants will be responsible for arranging their travel insurance, accommodation and flight.


• If an event beyond QRTA control occurs, such as a leader being ill or unable to lead a Workshop, or the venue is not available for any

   reason, a full refund of the Workshop fee will be due to registered participants.


• QRTA is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the participant’s personal property during the Workshop.


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