1. What is the deadline for registration?


There are three types of registration:

The Early Bird Registration: This registration offers participants a discounted price if they register and pay two months before the start of the workshop.

Registration: This is a normal registration after the early bird period; registration is open until two weeks before the start of the workshop.

Late Registration: This rate will apply if the participant applies after the normal registration period.


2. What is the cost for the courses?


If a participant registers during the early bird period then the fee is $900, during the normal registration period, the fee is $990 and for late registrations the fee is $1,050.


3. What is the category of the workshop?


The category for the workshop can be found on the website, under the IB Workshops  section.


4. Is there a recommended hotel in the area?


The recommended hotel is the Kempinski Hotel Amman.


5. What time will the course end?


Below is a specified time table for the three day course:


 * It is a requirement to be an hour earlier (8:00 A.M) for the first day of the course.


6. How far is the airport from the venue?


Depending on traffic, it can take about an hour to reach the venue.



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